Upcoming 2018

Feature film shooting in Las Vegas

Working Title "Studio 5"

Director Del Weston

Writers Del Weston and Geoffrey D. Calhoun


Daniela's eclectic history, and international background provide a perfect blend of strength and vulnerability to a variety of characters.  Drawing upon her multi-language skills, she has embodied the souls of Russian, German, and Afghani characters, and continues to demonstrate her flexibility and transformation, from the beautiful to the  disturbed.  Like a chameleon, her characters change and demonstrate the  depths of love, mania, seduction, obsession, psychosis, kindness, vulnerability, and the full spectrum of the human experience.  The pendulum of emotions is at her fingertips.

Her history as a dancer and stage performer gives her a presence and fluidity in character development, as her body embodies the nuances of each character's physical and emotional expression.



Voice Over English