Her  music is American Pop-Rock with a hint of Latin and a throwback feel of  Carol King and Joni Mitchell and a contemporary sound of Gwen Stefani  and Nora Jones that unite listeners of all demographics ... a pleasure  dome of feel-good vocals. The eclectic sound sweeps audiences into  emotion and pleasure. Comfortable in the Whiskey A-Go-Go, an arena or an  intimate coffee house, she moves from acoustic guitar to an orchestra  with a resonance of Flamenco guitar. The seductive sounds tell stories  that call out emotions and memories. Compelling titles “Have No Fear”, “Don’t You Worry” and lyrics like “I see a Polaroid on the floor ahead – that better not be me”  trigger personal feelings as they were intended. As she exposes her  vulnerable honestly, audiences experience the angst, the joy and the  nostalgia touching somewhere deep inside. A refreshing surprise, she  seems to peer deeply into the soul. With an exotic whisper that builds  into a powerful clear tone of haunting emotion.  According to Music  Connection Magazine, Daniela is one of the Top 100 unsigned artists, and  runner up best song with John Lennon Songwriter’s Contest for “Will  You.”

Music Connection Magazine




by Bernard Baur 

Review Editor and A& R Report, Music Connection Magazine

Daniela Torchia is totally bewitching… She has a charm and beauty that can be mesmerizing. But, as an artist, her vision challenges convention and preconceived notions. She’ll confound you, amuse you, shock you and seduce you. Indeed, this is an artist you cannot take lightly.

She calls her music American Pop-Rock, but its Latin flavor and eclectic approach create a soundscape that pushes the envelope into the extraordinary. She does things no artist should try. At least, that’s what conventional wisdom tells us. But according to Daniela, “Rules were made to be broken...” And break them – she does. 

Combining the likes of Segovia, Gwen Stefani, Norah Jones and Shakira, she seduces her listeners with an exotic whisper that blushes with intimacy - then, blasts them into a pop chorus that’s worthy of the Matrix production team. It’s a shockingly defiant style, but one that is also compelling and irresistible. Her songs give a new perspective to our collective consciousness as they twist expectations. But, while Daniela may dare us to think in a less linear fashion, she’s also comforting along the way. 

This seeming paradox is what Daniela brings to her music. With songs like “Don’t You Worry,” and the lyrics, “I see a Polaroid on the floor ahead – that better not be me…” she reveals her unconventional nature, and a hint of her wild side. The chorus, however, brushes away concern with ”Don’t you worry about nothin’ – Don’t you worry about what they say…” Clearly, this is an artist with a broad vision, who’s not just exposing herself, but also exposing everyone’s fears, foibles and fantasies. She explores life with sharp observations about love, shame, hope and desire. And, she does so with such deep insight that her post-modern approach to music does not seem rebellious, even though some may disagree. 

Born to Austrian and Italian parents in Madrid Spain, Daniela wasn’t raised to be 

a rebel. With both her mother and father in entertainment (theater and film), she was encouraged to be creative. In fact, her world was rooted in the arts. She studied music, literature, dance and theater. As a teenager, it culminated when she joined the circus as a performer, swinging from the Big Top and being rescued from gorillas. Later, she tried acting and dance, appearing in television shows and theater productions. But, even though she received accolades and acquired an impressive resume, it wasn’t enough. It seems that music was on her mind and in her heart.

As a result, Daniela picked up a guitar and started to write songs. Like many young girls, she put her thoughts into a journal. Much of it was stream of consciousness – some of it was poetry. Today, she’s filled fourteen years worth of pages. And, many of those entries form the basis of her songs. 

Her multi-cultural background also found its way into her music, creating a style that blends European and American diversities. For most anyone it would be a tall order to put all that together and make it appealing. But, Daniela reasons, “How do I know what I can do, if I don’t try to do it?”

She answered that question by taking a year to write enough songs to fill an entire album. She road-tested the material at open-mic nights and small venues in the Los Angeles area. It was during this time that she met Tony Kaye, renowned keyboardist for Yes, Bad Finger and David Bowie. Kaye was impressed enough to offer his expertise, and over the next two years, he, Daniela and Brian Yaskulka, a producer and studio owner, worked on her album. The result is Daniela’s debut, appropriately titled Have No Fear

With thirteen tracks and over fifteen musicians participating in the final product, Daniela has realized her dream – or, more accurately, part of it. Industry insiders have already predicted several potential hits, from the catchy, “You Are The One” to the Latin-Pop of “Far Away From Yesterday” to the hard rocking “Have No Fear.” Adding to the anticipation, Daniela is also releasing her album in Spanish, titled Sin Miedo, to honor her birthplace, with vocals produced by George Alayon. 

But, even with all the promise and top talent involved in the project, Daniela is not counting on stardom, or even easy acceptance. “I’m sure we’ll submit the record to all the labels, get turned down – and then I’ll tour,” she laughs. That sort of attitude makes Daniela an awfully appealing artist. 

Realistic, yet hopeful, she’d rather have her songs impact listeners. Indeed, Daniela believes that an artist’s success shouldn’t be determined by industry acceptance. She relates, “Labels have passed on a lot of great artists. I would be happy if my music just affects people in a positive way and gives them a soundtrack they could enjoy. And, if any of my songs could change someone’s life for the better, that’s reward enough.” Those are pretty simple pleasures, for a not so simple girl.

Obviously, Daniela Torchia is not your run of the mill artist. She brings something special to the party, and it’s more than her looks and smarts. This is an artist with something to say - and a most unique way of saying it. Her music may cross genres, stylistic boundaries and even cultures. But, in all its versatility at its heart is an artist who cares – not simply for herself, but for everyone. 

Daniela wants us all to strive for something better. And, the passion in her music could easily inspire others to reach for the stars themselves, to dream their dreams and to understand that there’s more to life than simple survival. That’s no trivial desire, especially nowadays. “There’s so much misery in the world, “ she sighs. “But I believe what we say and what we do can make a difference.” Other artists, much more famous than she (like Bono and McCartney) seem to agree. In the final analysis, however, there is no doubt that Daniela has stepped up. She’s shown us what can be done – – – when you Have No Fear

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What happens after a party night of drinking with all male co-workers, followed up by an early morning board meeting with them!

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A little Flamenco, a little Grand Cayman, and  a little Dance

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